Our nonprofit organization, Foster the Arts, connects with organizations like yours to give complimentary lessons in the arts to foster children through the simple process outlined below.  We would love to partner with your organization and help this underserved population experience the arts. As a partner, we ask that you consider offering any extra spots in partially-filled classes free to foster children in need. This process is quick and easy:

Step 1

Register your organization online and your name will appear on our list of partners.

Step 2

Foster children will be able to view this list online and contact you to see if you have any available spaces.

Step 3

Once registered, you will receive a digital logo that you may choose to add to your publications to signify your support of foster children in America.

Partner Organizations

Your partnership with Foster the Arts will positively impact the lives of thousands of children in the foster care system. Not only will your company have an effect on local areas, but on society as a whole, as these children will be given the support they need to realize their full potential. You can make a difference by continuing the vision of helping every foster child in America find stability, confidence, and positive self-expression through the gift of Music and the Arts.

Next Steps...

If you are interested in partnering with Foster the Arts, follow the three steps outlined above. If you would like to donate to Foster the Arts, you can do so HERE.