What is Foster the Arts?

The main goal of Foster the Arts is to offer complimentary group lessons to foster children through participating arts organizations.

FTA was founded by Suzanne Jackson in an effort to bring the magic of the arts to the lives of foster children. FTA provides lessons in the arts to foster children through a nationwide online lesson directory by connecting participating arts organizations with the foster community. The concept is simple: arts organizations become partners, and foster parents simply look at the provider list and contact them to see if there are any spaces available in their group classes. The foster child attends these classes at no charge.

For Foster Children

If you are a foster child, Foster the Arts enables you to pursue complimentary arts enrichment opportunities. Our lesson directory includes organizations nationwide in a variety of disciplines.

To Donate

Choosing to support our mission will positively impact the lives of thousands of children in the foster care system by providing resources to connect them with participating arts organizations.

For Organizations

Through partnership with Foster the Arts, arts organizations have the opportunity to positively impact their local community by providing free lessons to children in the foster care system.

Our Advisory Board

Emma Stone                                               Placido Domingo                                                    Tao Porchon-Lynch
Lisa Reagan Love                                     John O'Boyle                                                            Debra Evans